Today’s True Tea Question is about working from home and how I stay efficient while doing so!

Working from home, for me, is a very interesting. I feel like it’s what I’ve been doing since I was a teenager. I saw the possibility within the internet and now my job is essentially 100 percent online. When I thought about working as a child, I always imagined leaving the home and actually going somewhere to do my job. For a while, I did that when I was working for Fox. If there’s one thing that I learned by sitting on a 3 hour bus ride to and from Hollywood everyday, it’s that I actually really enjoy the flexibility that working from home offers. What I make is higher and what I would if I worked outside of the home and my cost of living is much less and I have more flexibility. However, with that of course comes easy distractions and losing track of your work. So I can be honest and say that I’m still figuring out what helps me work efficiently from home, but I am learning that sometimes doing the easy things in one swoop can really help with efficiency. One thing I love about True Tea is that it’s relatively easy for me to do and my audience seems to love it. Right now as i’m typing this, I have True Tea episodes planned up through March and it’s just now the middle of January. So for the next few months, I’m going to have a lot of time to give my audience new and fresh content. Thinking ahead and cutting corners in ways you wouldn’t if you were working for a boss has helped me a lot. Working from home really empowers me.


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