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 Today’s True Tea question is:

“Dear Kat, I wanted to open up a society 6 shop, but I’m not really sure how to get people to buy my stuff. Do you have any advice for people that are interested in opening up a Society 6 Store?

Thanks, Sushi!”

When I started my Society6 page about 2 years ago, I wasn’t really making that many sales. Then about December of last year I saw a really huge jump in sales and I made about half of my rent from Society 6.
1. Build a Fanbase
 I think the most important thing about selling on society 6, and any tshirt website really, is having a fan base. You really need to work hard to cultivate a fanbase that will pay attention to your social media pages. Sometimes that means sometimes doing more than the actual art.
For me, because I am a YouTuber and people like me for whatever strange reason, i make a decent amount of sales. I noticed that i got more sales when I would mention that I had products in my videos that usually, thousands of people watch. Getting a fanbase could also mean doing fan art. I’ve never been a huge fan of doing fan art because there are so few things that I genuinely like enough to make art about, but fan art sells. By making fan art you’re reaching out to a fanbases that is already looking for something related to their fandom. So if you like something, make fan art of it! It’s an easy way to drive traffic to your page and ultimately your Society6 store. oking for something related to their fandom and when they see your stuff it will drive attention to your page.
2. Know What’s Trending
If you’re on society 6, you’re most likely on social media as well and it’s really important to pay attention to trending topics.
 When Nicki Minaj said “Miley, What’s Good”, there was a surge of people looking for “Miley, What’s good products”. So even if that product was just some public domian font printed onto a product that said “Miley, what’s good”, those products sold because the topic was trending and there was a demand.
3. Don’t Expect To Get Rich
I think another important thing to consider when you’re selling your stuff on society 6 is that what you actually make is relatively low.
When i sell a tshirt, I make about 2 to 3 dollars and that’s not a lot. However, that money does add up so don’t get too discouraged. Keep making new products and adding to your store. keeping it fresh and seasonal really helps with sales.
Another thing to consider is that your highest profit is going to come from the sale of prints. When you sell prints, you can name your price. So if I say that I want a 10 dollar profit, I make 10 dollars. I am always soooo thankful when someone buys a print of mine because it helps my earnings quite a bit.
4. Advertise Your Store
This sounds like common sense, but honestly, it really makes a world of difference.
There’s free shipping and various sales on society6 every other week. Society6 knows that the more sales they have, the more people are likely to buy products from them. Simply telling your fan base “hey, there’s free shipping in my store this week” can get people who don’t always look at your store suddenly interested. I can say that I’ve gotten pretty much everything from society6 on a free shipping sale. If you’re cheap like me, that 24 dollar tshirt looks a lot better when the shipping is free.
5. Sell What and How You Buy
In general when it comes to the products I make and the way I sell my products, I think about what I’d want as a consumer. Society6 gives you the unique opportunity to create your own fashions and your own prints. You can create whatever you want. Have fun with it. Is there a Tshirt you’ve always wanted? A print that would go perfect in your room? A bedspread that you’ve always wanted, but doesn’t exist? You create it!
I really really love society 6 and out of all of the websites like it, I think it gives me pretty much everything that I personally want and they’re always adding new items. I will say that one of it’s limitations i that it only offers phone cases for iphones and a few galaxy phones and it doesn’t really offer plus sizes, though you can find a size that fits you in a men’s size. Other than that, i highly suggest society 6 and that’s been my true tea for the day.
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