TRUE TEA: 5 Tips for Selling on Society6

WATCH THIS EPISODE HERE All this October, I’m doing VLOGTOBER! New Videos Everyday of the week! All videos will be uploaded at 10AM PST time so be sure to catch em!  Today’s True Tea question is: “Dear Kat, I wanted to open up a society 6 shop, but I’m not really sure how to get people to buy my stuff. Do you have any advice for people that are interested in opening up a Society 6 Store? Thanks, Sushi!” When I started my Society6 page about 2 years ago, I wasn’t really making that many sales. Then about December of last year I saw a really huge jump in sales and I made about half of my rent from Society 6. 1. Build a Fanbase  I think the most important thing about selling on society 6, and any tshirt website really, is having a fan base. You really need to work hard to cultivate a fanbase that will pay attention to your social media pages. Sometimes that means sometimes doingRead More

Why I Didn’t “Track Down” My Harasser or “Get” Him Fired

So, as I’m sure most of you are aware by now, I wrote an article for the Huffington Post about my experience with a recent case of online harassment. To be honest, writing this article had a lot of very unexpected outcomes that are all connected to the popularity of the article. On one hand, I’m proud that something I wrote is being celebrated. On another hand, I’m frustrated with how the article is being presented and written about on other blogs because it’s a true misrepresentation of events. What I think people need to really understand about this situation is that this was something that literally thousands of people watched unfold. My account, in reality, is only part of the full story. Even though i was the one being harassed, Kenneth’s actions on my page were overwhelming. As I said in my article, his conversations became splintered. Running a Facebook Page that is as large as mine, I have to accept that I can’t read everything. SometimesRead More

A Gray Tank Top and Gray Jeans

I remember the night that it happened and what I was wearing. A gray tank top and gray skinny jeans. I was 18 years old, just barely and I was getting dressed for a little after party I was going to. I remember that the grey tank top was my favorite top at the time. It had orange and green stars on it and it fit me so that it showed off my chest and waist. It was my first year in college and my roommate had found it on the floor of our dorm room. He always had random people in and out of the room and sometimes they’d leave clothes. I was a scavenger. I had just started going full-time and I didn’t have much in the way of feminine clothing. The gray tank top was like the holy grail to me at the time because unlike most of my clothing, it wasn’t re-purposed from clothes I wore in high school. I found it andRead More

This Insurance Agent Threatened To Rape me, I got him Fired.

This is the longer version of my piece of The Huffington Post Facebook is a tricky place for a YouTube. Algorithms don’t necessarily favor you and finding out a way to use your fan page to drive traffic to your YouTube videos is still pretty tricky. Regardless, it’s a platform that is almost necessary in a day in age where people still get most of their news and entertainment in Facebook feeds. For the longest time, my Facebook page pretty much sat at about 3,000 likes; which sounds like a lot until you find out that I converted an old Facebook account with about 2,000 friends into a fan page. At a certain point, I became pretty indifferent with my Facebook numbers, I enjoyed my smaller audience and didn’t really hunger for more. Then one day I noticed my numbers shoot up dramatically and over the course of a week and now I sit at about 22,500 likes and rapidly growing. What do I do? Well, I do a lotRead More

The Indifference of White Men

One of the most unsettling things about having a platform where you discuss racism often is learning just how truly indifferent certain people really are to the oppression people of color face. Of course this isn’t unique simply to one group of people. I deal with people of all races and creeds coming to me and telling me that the things I discuss are silly and frivolous. “Just get over it” is a really common phrase I hear when discussing systemic racism. I’d love to pretend that I didn’t understand this and honestly the pathology of the people who feel this way is quite fascinating to me, but I know why they feel the way they do: They don’t care. Not only do they not care, but it’s more comfortable for them not to. In one of my previous blog posts I discussed how I felt when I really came to understand what racism really was in America. It was upsetting to me. It made me feelRead More

My Impulse to Educate and Growing To Understand My Limits

I felt the need to write a bit of a clarification of my previous post because I realized that I didn’t quite make one aspect of what I was saying clear. I’ve been blogging since I was a teenager and having a blog like this really brings me back to the original roots of my online presence. When I was a queer teenage blogger, I would often write in a tone that, of course, was autobiographical, but had a conclusion that portrayed a lesson learned or an acknowledgement of growth. Towards the end of High School and the start of College, I was very invested in “Queer Theory” and as I learned more about it, I wanted to teach the (few) readers that I had about it as well. Ever since I was a bossy little kid with a chalkboard and a pointing stick, I’ve always enjoyed the idea of being an educator. So sharing and teaching is in my nature. It’s my default. People are oftenRead More

Why I’m Done Trying To Solve White Ignorance

Over the past few years, I’ve become extremely passionate about the subject of racism in America. In large part that is because of going to college and taking Black Studies courses that shocked me to my system. When my father suggested to me as a teenager that I take Black Studies courses in college, I was annoyed by the idea. I was raised in the 90s; a time where every kids television show had a diverse cast of almost every color. I was taught in school that acknowledged race is racist. I learned that specifying or recognizing someone’s race is racist and well into adulthood this is what racism meant to me. Then I took a writing course in College that was specifically about lending voices to people of color who were trying to create their own narratives about being a person of color in America. I didn’t take the class because I thought the subject was necessary or good. I took the class because I thought it was goingRead More