How Do You Feel About Truscum??

Today’s Trutea asks me: What do you think about Truscum? Let me know what you think in the comment box below! embed google maps       Transcript: :06 [intro music] 0:06 True Tea: your questions, my brutal honesty. Hey guys, it’s Kat and it’s time for your 0:11 weekly dose of True 0:12 Tea. Today, I am still drinking my Georgia peach tea. It’s quite delicious [mispronounced]… 0:17 delish… 0:18 delicious! Delicious. I have this lisp. I don’t know… you probably had noticed it 0:22 by now, but I have a lisp 0:23 and sometimes, it catches me [laughing] Anyway, if you are not already subscribed to my channel, 0:28 please feel free to subscribe. We do True Tea every single Sunday, right here on this 0:32 channel, so feel free 0:32 to subscribe so you can get it every single week in your subscription box. Anyways, let’s 0:37 jump right into 0:37 today’s question: 0:39 “Hi Kat, what do you think about truscums/transmedicalists? DoRead More

Why I Started Captioning My YouTube Videos and You Should Too

Even though I’ve been a YouTuber since 2005, the past year was the first time I really distinctly decided to take it seriously; and boy was that a whirlwind. Something I wasn’t used to dealing with was an audience with expectations, and even further more, responsibilities. I uploaded videos because I wanted to and people enjoyed hearing what I had to say, but as my following grew, I learned that there were many people who couldn’t hear me. I remember getting called out once on Tumblr for not captioning my videos and I didn’t really respond to it too well. Keep in mind, unlike a major television program or a company, I am just me. My videos usually take a lot of research, energy and time. I’d say most of my videos that aren’t True Tea take me about 24 hours of editing and that’s not including of all of the time that I spend filming, researching, fact checking and writing scripts. To be frank, it’s exhausting andRead More


Today’s True Tea Question is about working from home and how I stay efficient while doing so! Working from home, for me, is a very interesting. I feel like it’s what I’ve been doing since I was a teenager. I saw the possibility within the internet and now my job is essentially 100 percent online. When I thought about working as a child, I always imagined leaving the home and actually going somewhere to do my job. For a while, I did that when I was working for Fox. If there’s one thing that I learned by sitting on a 3 hour bus ride to and from Hollywood everyday, it’s that I actually really enjoy the flexibility that working from home offers. What I make is higher and what I would if I worked outside of the home and my cost of living is much less and I have more flexibility. However, with that of course comes easy distractions and losing track of your work. So I canRead More

The True Story of Thanksgiving

This is a Transcript of a Video on my YouTube channel. Tumblr Video Post So this weekend is thanksgiving and I don’t know about you, but thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year! As a kid, I looked forward to  stuffing, gravy, collard greens and of course TURKEY! But what is thanksgiving? Well, as kids we’d all dress up as cute little pilgrims and Indians and reenact the creation of tradition on stage. Thanksgiving was a tradition that started in Plymouth, Massachusetts by Pilgrims and Puritans who came to America from England in the 1620s. The Puritans escaped religious persecution in England and came to America on the Mayflower. They were on a pilgrimage to the New world! They arrived in Plymouth during the Winter and the land was strange and new to them. But they were in luck! The Native Americans greeted them with kindness and supplied them with seeds and plants and taught them how to survive on their new land! TheRead More

Why I’m Not Going To Watch “Dear Black People”

Nicole Arbour is at it again with another video entitled “Dear Black People”. Now, I’m sure you can manage to find this video and I’m sure that me stating the name of the video in this piece will seem a bit ironic, but hear me out: As a YouTuber who occupies the niche that I occupy, people are always very eager to see me “drag” fellow youtubers and say all of the things that they want to say. I have a platform and I absolutely do believe that i should use it to call out problematic content. In fact, I want to make it clear that I am not against the idea of calling out problematic content and you will, for sure, see me do it quite a bit on my channel. However, I’ve already been there and done that and there are a lot of things that I’ve learned in the process of calling out other YouTubers. One of my biggest and perhaps most emotional callRead More

Mermaid Makeup // ft. Allie X

I was super excited when Allie X’s team contacted me to do a collaboration video with Allie X’s music. I have been obsessed with her music for a while and when I knew I was going to do a Mermaid video for Halloween, I thought that her song Catch would go perfect with the aesthetic. I really enjoy the simple way that her music is published on Youtube with the use of looping gifs of her in various fashions. So I infused that into this video. Hope everyone’s having a great Halloween! [youtube]

Why You Shouldn’t Forgive Geris Hilton

Gerod Roth, aka Geris Hilton, was recently the subject of a media firestorm after a screen shot of his Facebook page went viral. The screen shot was of the comment section on his new profile picture that depicts a young black child standing behind him.   He and his friends left a myriad of insensitive racist comments and ultimately he was relieved of his position at the Polaris Marketing Group. When I heard this news, my instant response was “good riddance”. As some of you know, I recently had my own issue with online harassment that ultimately resulted in the person who harassed me online getting fired. While i never wanted my harasser fired, I was glad that he was because it showed that there were repercussions for his actions. Quite frankly, there should be. This is the age of information and if you work for a company where you have to interact with the public, you generally sign contracts that tell you what you can and can’t put onRead More

Why I Don’t Trust People Who Say #AllLivesMatter

Hashtags are one of the best ways to get someone to pay attention to something you’re doing online. While I’m typing this #TheFlash is trending and people on twitter are talking about the new episode of The Flash. Hashtags are not only a way of getting people to talk about trending topics, but they’re also a way to get people to pay attention to certain issues and tie the conversations all together. #BlackLivesMatter is a hashtag that was created by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi  after George Zimmerman was acquitted after being charged with the death of Trayvon Martin in 2013. The hashtag was created to bring attention to police brutality and how it specifically targets black people. However, #BlackLivesMatter is more than just a hashtag, it’s a movement. Being somewhat of an activist myself, I know that people often downplay the importance of online activism. However, in the age of information, utilizing tools like hashtags is an effective way of getting your messages out there andRead More