So, Let’s Talk About Stonewall: The Movie

Apparently, reviews of the recent Stonewall movie¬†are rolling in and they’re not all that favorable. You can almost feel the shade coming through the screen reading excerpts of these not so favorable reviews. If you haven’t already heard about this, the recent film directed by Rolan Emmerich and written by Jon Robin Baitz has come under quite a bit of criticism by the trans community because of it’s erasure of the role that trans people and people of color played that evening. When I recently discussed Stonewall with my family, they had absolutely no clue what I was talking about. Mind you, this was something I studied in High School and wrote research papers about. So it’s not like the information isn’t out there, but the information is certainly not mainstream and quite a bit of it is white washed. I did a series of videos for Everyday Feminism about Stonewall and had to revisit the subject about 10 years after I first did research about theRead More