Defecating While Trans

Using the bathroom as a trans person can be a very complicated task. While cis people (cis meaning non-trans) just naturally look at one of two of their options and walk into a bathroom without a second thought, for trans people, choosing a restroom is like deciding if you want to risk the chance of being harassed or physically assaulted. It’s an imposition most trans people find themselves in eventually and it can make the natural task of defecating  and urinating a far more challenging task than it needs to be. I was always an androgynous kid that people didn’t quite know how to place. It didn’t help that in my teen years, I started developing breasts for reasons still unknown to me. When I’d try to change in the boy’s locker room, before and after P.E., I’d arouse stares from confused teenage boys who didn’t understand why I had breasts. Heck, I hardly understood myself. I’ll never forget changing once, as I did, hunched over inRead More

Re: But Black People CAN Be Racist

Some of you may know that I work for I’ve been taking a bit of a hiatus, but they cross post my stuff all the time. I have a series on my YouTube page called “True Tea” where I casually answer viewer questions. It’s actually been a fairly successful series of mine and I’m glad i started it! Some people, however, aren’t so glad that I started it and don’t understand that the series is about me casually answering questions and not giving you endless citations and references like I do in pretty much every other video I do. Chris Stone of StickyDrama, a website that apparently criticizes feminism quite a bit, sent me this email to my business account today in response to my video “Can Black People Be Racist” that was cross posted by EverydayFeminism. To be honest, I rolled my eyes at it. I just find these sort of comments/questions to be a waste of time and energy. But, the thing is, I’veRead More

Understanding My Worth As a Blogger

When i first started blogging as an angsty teenager, I would never imagine where I’d be today. I started a blog when I was 14 years old on Xanga. It was where I ranted about anything from Britney Spears to that boy I had a crush on. Now, as a 25-year-old, this is what I do for a living and to be completely honest, it’s a bit surreal. It’s surreal because I was raised in the Internet Age. I remember logging into AOL and hearing that all-too-familiar rhythmic beeping sound as my router struggled to get me online. I remember taking web design classes where we had to use FrontPage to design websites about whatever we wanted. I remember logging into NeoPets in the library after school and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. I grew up in the age where the Internet was just becoming accessible in homes and it was a Wild West of new and scary issues. At the time, having a blogRead More