About Me


 Kat Blaque, is Feminist YouTuber, Illustrator, Animator and Writer from Orange County, California. 

She’s been a blogger since 2005, Initially turning to the Internet as an emotional outlet, she has transformed her passion for social media and writing into a career. She currently contributes to Everyday Feminism, Pride.com, the Huffington Post and runs a Youtube channel with tens of thousands of followers. She has appeared on Buzzfeed, MTV News and MTV’s Decoded. While she graduated from Cal Arts with a degree in Character Animation in 2012, she finds that blogging has become a new and rewarding calling for her and a career for which she was built.

.  Watch her Draw My Life video for her life story. For more of her art, check her art blog. Follow her on Facebook, watch her rant on YouTube, and find her on Twitter @kat_blaque. Check out her videos here!