I remember the first time I got an email for Buzzfeed asking if I was available to be featured in a video and just how excited I was. Buzzfeed was a website that i looked up to for so long and I was flattered that they were even familiar with me and wanted me to potentially be in one of their hugely successful videos. Buzzfeed, to me at the time was this giant that I respected and adored and I remember being so nervous and so overjoyed when I was about to film my segment of the video piece. Filming was easy, but I was discussing something that was very personal to me: Being transgender. I was nervous about this because, at the time, I was so nervous about being outed as a trans person to my employers, but I thought to myself that this video is more important than me and that surely Buzzfeed would reach a lot of people and this video would change aRead More

Is Vidcon A Waste Of Money?

I just spent the past weekend at my very first VidCon; a convention for Online Video, specifically YouTube. It was my first and I was a featured Creator. You can check out my blogs for that day here (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3). I came across this video of a Youtuber named Christelyn Karazin where she laments how her experience was as a Youtuber who didn’t have an All Access Pass. For those of you who are unfamiliar with recent Youtube News, Christina Grimmie was recently killed by a rabid fan after a performance. Hank Green sent out an email to all of the featured creators saying that security would be increased and that really wasn’t an exaggeration. The day I checked in, I went through so many back entrances and possibly a floor in between floors to get to the area where I got my badge and all of my materials for the convention. I felt like a damn spy. You got two things, anRead More

Defecating While Trans

Using the bathroom as a trans person can be a very complicated task. While cis people (cis meaning non-trans) just naturally look at one of two of their options and walk into a bathroom without a second thought, for trans people, choosing a restroom is like deciding if you want to risk the chance of being harassed or physically assaulted. It’s an imposition most trans people find themselves in eventually and it can make the natural task of defecating  and urinating a far more challenging task than it needs to be. I was always an androgynous kid that people didn’t quite know how to place. It didn’t help that in my teen years, I started developing breasts for reasons still unknown to me. When I’d try to change in the boy’s locker room, before and after P.E., I’d arouse stares from confused teenage boys who didn’t understand why I had breasts. Heck, I hardly understood myself. I’ll never forget changing once, as I did, hunched over inRead More

Performative Blackness and The Problem With RuCo’s Empire.

I’ve been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race since the very beginning of the show. In many ways, as the show has grown, so have I and that’s lead me to having this complicated relationship with not only Drag Race, but also with RuPaul and especially his fanbase. As I move into a stage in my life where I am more aware of things, I cannot look at even some of my favorite shows and feel like they are without criticism. That is part of the burden that comes with being socially aware. You start to recognize how oppression is packaged, watered down and sold in mainstream entertainment under the guise of comedy. While Drag Race is a show about an artform that is supposedly subversive and counter culture, it is effectively part of the mainstream and is bound to be problematic, and therefore isn’t immune to criticism. I have a segment on my YouTube channel where I answer questions sent to me from viewers called True Tea. OneRead More


So, some of ya’ll white gays are very upset with me and my latest True Tea Video where i answer the question about whether or not RuPaul’s editing/show is anti-black. Now despite the fact that I made a point of saying that I respect Ru for what he’s done and respect Ru for how he’s mainstreamed so many aspects of Gay culture, some of ya’ll are mad. Ya’ll act like I came into your house, slapped your mother and took your daddy into the other room and had loud sex with him with the door open and THEN I ate yo icecream. So I figured that I would break this down for ya’ll since for some reason it isn’t as obvious to you as it is to me. Some of you people only know of RuPaul from Drag Race, and that’s cute for you, I guess. I don’t blame you. In reality, RuPaul didn’t have much cultural relevance at the time of Drag Race’s first season inRead More